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...the only beverage company marrying cutting edge science with whole, farm to table ingredients for health enthusiasts who are short on time. Our products are hand crafted to refine and fuel every facet of your life, in a time when we’re all looking to be more aware of the impact of what we put in our bodies.

This Just In: Health shouldn’t be only for the well off, or those with iron willpower. 

Fueling yourself and your family shouldn’t come down to a choice between slowly poisoning yourselves or relinquishing time and money you can’t afford. And now it won’t have to. We’ve done the hard part: Hand plucking the tea at the peak of freshness, packing it full of your full range of vitamins and making sure it tastes good enough to pass a toddler taste test. We’ve made sure our ingredients are sourced responsibly, with real origin traceability and practices that are both socially and environmentally responsible. And we’ve made sure that everyone can get their hands on some. No brewing, no waiting. Just grabbing and going and living and doing (or not doing. Rest is good too). Easy; just as nature and science intended. 

Our team is a family. Our fearless leaders, the healthy hopeful Michele and the discerning, dependable Stefan have been partners for over 31 years. Stefan, a former vice president at the world's largest soda company, spent that time and more (over 34 years to be precise) as an executive in the beverage and consumer products industry’s top three companies.

Venice Beach Beverage began after an unintentionally healthful and whole diet during a trip to Bali. It was only after reintroducing the usual American diet that our founders realized just how different the right diet could make you feel, and how difficult that diet was to maintain back home. Fortunately, with their smarts and industry knowledge, our founders knew they could do something about it. 

“My granddaughter is autistic. Getting her to take her vitamins was an exhausting struggle, but she loves her grandma’s tea. She calls it tasty tea.”- Michele Freeman

Putting together this perfect storm of quality, responsibly sourced ingredients and delicious, effective, ease takes experience, connections and time. Making it affordable takes persistence and a refusal to cut corners. Stefan and Michele have plenty of both.

“The products we’re coming up with are inspired by what our family and friends enjoy. There’s no board I’m trying to please. Just family. I couldn’t develop any less than the best with my grandchildren in mind.” -Stefan Freeman

So welcome to the Venice Beach Beverage Family. 

If you’re looking for something you’d drink, even if it wasn’t good for you or healthy candy even your kids will love, you’re in the right place. Fuel your busy, incredible life with better, hard to get and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Put down that sports drink and feed your body and mind what they’re actually hungry for.

It’s as easy as opening a can.

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