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Are a tasty and convenient way to support your health and well-being. Functional beverages are growing in popularity, as more and more people are looking for convenient and natural ways to improve their health. Our teas provide a concentrated source of essential vitamins
and nutrients, as well as the benefits of ginger juice, and can be easily
incorporated into a busy lifestyle. It can be challenging to maintain a
balanced and healthy diet, especially when you are on the go. Our teas are shelf stable, ready made and single serve, making them a convenient option for getting your daily vitamins and nutrients on the go. Most people do not get enough of the recommended daily amounts of certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins D and C, from their diet alone. Our Vitamin Teas with 100% Daily Vitamins help fill this gap and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Health shouldn’t be only for the wealthy, or those with iron willpower. 

We simplify taking control of your day by giving you a healthier beverage without the hassle. Have you ever bought vitamins only for them to sit in your pantry because you forgot to take them? Our Teas contain 13 essential vitamins so you don’t have to take vitamin supplements to get what we have fortified in one can.

Over our 37 year marriage, my husband and I have made our own tea blends and fortified them with vitamins and ginger for friends and family. I’ve always wanted to turn this hobby into a business. It wasn’t until we both retired that the dream of bringing a superior functional beverage to market became a reality. It’s never too late to fulfill a dream you put on pause.

Our Original Vitamin Iced Teas and our 35-calorie Ginger Iced Teas are the only shelf-stable, ready to drink teas with 13 essential vitamins. As for Ginger? Not all Ginger is created equal. First Class is not the same as coach. Power steering is not the same as manual. They both function but not at the same level. The same goes for the amazing Peruvian Ginger Juice we use in our Ginger Teas. There’s a massive health difference between ginger powder used in most ginger drinks and our 5,000mg of Peruvian organic, cold-pressed ginger juice. Peruvian Ginger is considered to be the best Ginger in the world. Our COO went to Peru and worked with a Kosher and Halal Ginger company helping them to process, juice and flash freeze ginger juice within 72 hours of picking from the Ginger Fields in the Amazon Rain Forest. This ensures the Ginger Juice is at the peak of freshness.

Fueling yourself and your family shouldn’t come down to a choice between slowly poisoning yourselves or relinquishing time and money you can’t afford. And now it won’t have to. We’ve done the hard part: Hand plucking the tea at the peak of freshness, packing it full of your full range of vitamins and making sure it tastes good enough to pass a toddler taste test. We’ve made sure our ingredients are sourced responsibly, with real origin traceability and practices that are both socially and environmentally responsible. And we’ve made sure that everyone can get their hands on some. No brewing, no waiting. Just grabbing and going and living and doing (or not doing. Rest is good too). Easy; just as nature and science intended. 

Our team is a family. The healthy hopeful Michele and the discerning, dependable Stefan have been partners for over 37 years. Stefan, a former vice president at the world's largest soda company, spent that time and more as an executive in the beverage industry’s top three companies.

Did you buy an expensive juicer and then realize how time-consuming, messy and expensive it is to juice on a daily basis? Our Ginger Teas Contain 100% of the daily recommended amount of Ginger Juice in every can. It's Organic Cold- Pressed to deliver all of the benefits of Ginger. Ready to Drink, Shelf Stable single serves teas for health enthusiasts who are short on time but want healthier alternatives for themselves and their family.

“The products we’re coming up with are inspired by what our family and friends enjoy. There’s no board I’m trying to please. Just family. I couldn’t develop any less than the best with my grandchildren in mind.” -Stefan Freeman

So welcome to the Venice Beach Beverage Family. 

If you’re looking for something you’d drink, even if it wasn’t good for you or healthy candy even your kids will love, you’re in the right place. Fuel your busy, incredible life with better, hard to get and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Put down that sports drink and feed your body and mind what they’re actually hungry for.

It’s as easy as opening a can.

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