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Ditch the Midday Slump for Good

Our options for fueling ourselves through these trying times are rarely good for us. Instead, they rely on the very things we're trying to avoid, buried under a list of ingredients we can't even pronounce. It's either that or spend hours we don't have finding the perfect smoothie recipe. Wouldn't it be easier to just grab 100% of your daily vitamins and enough natural energy to get you through the day, and go?

We thought so too.  

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"I don’t let my daughters drink soda, but they LOVE this tea."

Shaina Gonzalez

“I grab one of these with my sub everyday for lunch. I didn’t even know it was good for you till someone asked about what it said on the can.”

Joshua Harris

Es un opción saludable y tiene mucho sabor!

Jorge Pacheco

"The ginger candy is the absolute best I've tasted. I've tried all the top brands and this exceeds them all!"

Jackie Greene

The best nature and science have to offer

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Spend more time doing.

We've made healthy easy. So go ahead, get back to doing everything else. 

All Natural

We could use added colors, artificial flavors or synthetic substances. But as it turns out, nature's already done a pretty amazing job. Best not to mess with a good thing.


Fresh, farm to table ingredients. No pesticides, growth horomones or GMOs. Just fresh picked, small batches of premium good for you ingredients. Your body will thank you later.


Formulated to be good for you with a powerful blend of antioxidents, micronutrients and vitamins, while maintaining the natural flavors that make natural ingredients delicious. 

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